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Canada Super visa is increased to five years per entry

Canada Super visa is increased to five years per entry

The latest news on the super visa increased length of stay has been announced by the IRCC, and it will take effect from July 4, 2022. Some of the things included in the major reform to this super visa are listed below. Every super visa holder can stay in Canada for up to five years. […]

Canada Life offers Four free months of premium for term life insurance*

  Important Announcement for our clients and readers Canada Life one of the leading insurance company in Canada has offered a great promotion for Canadians! Four free months of premium for term life insurance* From Sept. 1 to Dec. 1, we’re making a special introductory offer of four free months of premium* on qualifying term […]

COVID 19- Response measures announced by Desjardins Insurance for policy holders

We’re allowing clients to defer their premiums interest-free for up to 90 days if they: Have contracted COVID-19Can’t work due to a COVID-19 diagnosis Have been negatively impacted by COVID-19 Quarantined Can’t go to work because of travel restrictions Lost their job or have been temporarily laid off Other reasons closely related to COVID-19 Eligible products […]

FAQ – Exceptional deferral of premiums for clients suffering financial hardship as a direct result of the COVID-19 pandemic

What is the exceptional premium deferral? To assist clients directly affected by COVID-19, we offer, exceptionally, to defer premium payments for life, critical illness, disability and accident insurance by 90 days. Will clients be charged additional interest? No, we will not charge any interest. How do clients request premium deferrals? Policyowners themselves must contact customer […]

How to Go about Building a Financial Plan that Matters

Future is always uncertain; planning for life means building value and realising goals. Money should exactly do the same thing what we expect from it at different intervals of life. This is why devising a financial plan today will not only help you meet your financial requirements today but also to help you live well […]

4 Tips to Save while Choosing among the Best Super Visa Insurance Providers

With Canada paying constant emphasis on family reunification, every year, thousands of parents and grandparents visiting their Canadian sponsors, choose Super Visa. In fact, the Super Visa Program has a much higher rate of application as well as acceptance than any other visa program. The primary reason for this success is that the process for […]

Things to Know when You Take Super Visa Insurance from Life Care

If you are a Canadian resident and your parents or grandparents (not Canadian residents) need to visit you here in Canada, Super Visa Insurance is the safest way to ensure that their medical expenses are covered for the while they travel to and from and stay in Canada.    Life Care, with its vast experience […]

All You Need to Know about Super Visa Insurance

While health insurance is recommended for all visitors to Canada, Super Visa Insurance is a mandate. When a Canadian sponsor (citizen or permanent resident) invites his/her parents or grandparents to visit them in Canada on a Super Visa, Super Visa Insurance is a prerequisite even before one can apply for the Super Visa. the very […]

Your Money Your control- A win-win situation

Neither there are less books on managing money in the market nor there is a dearth of information available on internet but still Canadians are struggling with high debt, low savings rate and tough retirement. A question is that  how long we will keep thinking that Government money is sufficient for having a comfortable retirement? […]

10 Tips for Buying the Best Travel Insurance in Ontario

Travel insurance is a necessity when it comes to traveling internationally though everyone who buys it wishes that they never have to use it. Nevertheless, buy we must and that too the best one. If you are looking to travel to Canada, to Ontario in particular, here are 10 great tips for you to buy […]