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What is Super Visa Program?

Super Visa Program has come into force from November 4, 2011, in Canada with the sole aim to provide visas to Parents and Grand Parents of Permanent Residents or Canadian Citizens under the family reunification program.

Secondly, this new super visa scheme will offer a temporary visa valid for a period of ten years to parents and grandparents.

Thirdly, a holder of a Super Visa can stay in Canada for a maximum period of two years without renewing their visa.

Above all, the success rate of this program is very high in comparison to regular visitors to the Canada visa program.

How Much Does Super Visa Insurance Cost?

The cost of super visa insurance, it varies across the different provinces in Canada and all insurance companies have their own individual rates. We do understand that it is quite hectic to explore all options but We at Life Care will provide you with all comparisons regarding rates and benefits to make an informed decision. Applicants would have to contact their preferred insurance companies directly to get quotes that meet their requirements. Super Visa Insurance can be purchased for couples also and can be paid on a monthly basis. The age, preconditions, and duration factors also affect the pricing.

Requirements to qualify for super visa program

Parent or grandparent of Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

The person

The sponsor must give a written statement that he or she will give you financial support.

The person must be allowed to enter Canada.

Letter of invitation from your child or grandchild.

In the application one must provide proof that your child or grandchild meets the minimum income threshold.

super visa

Have medical insurance coverage for one year with a minimum of $100,000 coverage.

The Super Visa Insurance policy has following key benefits

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Is The Super Visa a Compulsory Legal Requirement?

Is The Super Visa Insurance a Compulsory Legal Requirement?

The Super Visa Insurance is considered mandatory since it has to be obtained beforehand at the application for Visa or at the time of entering Canada on Super Visa. Canada’s visitors are not eligible for the provincial and healthcare plans and need another policy to cover. The super visa is used by the elderly who are susceptible to health issues. Therefore, it makes it compulsory to have coverage when coming into the country.
Sometimes not everyone may need serious treatments that cost millions. The policy tries to cater to the minor medical treatment that may come about due to weather changes and old-age-related problems. If you don’t have a reliable insurance policy, the medical expenses can add up and leave you in overwhelming debt. All the medical treatments are protected and covered effectively with the Super Visa.

The super visa is also mandatory when you want to spend more time in the country than when you use the usual visitor’s visa. Parents and grandparents who want to help their children raise their babies need to have more time with their family, and you can only have the extended time with the super visa. Such issues make it compulsory for all elders to get into the country to visit their loved ones.

Can I Get Coverage for Pre-existing Condition In a Super Visa Insurance?

Individuals looking to secure Super Visa Insurance for their loved ones coming into Canada get inquisitive about the plans covering pre-existing conditions. People with pre- existing conditions like Congestive Heart disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Brain Disorders, Stroke, Liver or Major Organ Problems and other conditions can get fully covered if the insurance company elegibility conditions are met. We at Life Care have extensive experience dealing with people having chronic health issues and we can get you proper Sper Visa Insurance without any hassel. Patients with more than one chronic health issues must act with caution by checking the eleigibility and exclusions with the insurance company they are going with for their Super Visa Insurance.

What Do You Need to Get the Super Visa?

Getting the super visa may not prove to be as hard as some people may think. The process is effortless, and the application process is super easy. First and foremost, you have to be eligible to get a visa. Therefore, you need to be a parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in the country. Other requirements occur in the following order:

  • 1

    The Canadian relative writes a letter that promises to provide financial support for all the stay in the country.
  • 2

    The letter would be best to show their minimum income and attach it with their legal Canadian passport or PR card.
  • 3

    The grandparents or parents then undergo a medical checkup to ensure they are medically admissible into the county. It may also help to find the right cover to use during their stay.
  • 4

    Provide proof of sufficient medical insurance from a credible Canadian insurance company.

After all these requirements are taken into account, the person is eligible to get their super cover. The health coverage provided by the insurance company should have a minimum of $100000. The visitors are allowed to pay for any medical expenses or injuries during the stay.

How Much Does It Cost to Get the Super Visa Insurance Coverage?

The price varies, with different insurance companies offering variable rates. It is highly recommended to purchase the cover as a couple since it is more affordable than when taken as individual parties.
Insurance companies apply different factors to develop the different rates they use to offer the insurance covers. These factors include:

The age of the applicants

The health history of the applicants

The deductible account

The length of the policy

Amount provided at coverage

What Does the Super Visa Insurance Cover?

The different policies provide different coverages. However, the standard Coverages are primarily offer health benefits to the elderly visiting the country. It is hard to say that they may never fall ill during an extended visit or have to go for a medical checkup even when it is not life-threatening.

The cover include:

Emergency medical fees
Emergency medical fees
All routine doctors’ fees involved
Prescription of drugs
Emergency dental

You may choose to pay for more coverage that will satisfy their individual needs. Such coverage provides robust health benefits during the stay. The applicant will return home and back again multiple times, and the coverage will still be legal for use.


a) Does the Super Visa Insurance cover pre-existing conditions?

Don’t forget to discuss the condition of your parent or grandparent with a licensed avisor at the time of buying the coverage. All Insurance Companies do not  consider all  type of pre-existing conditions. To be eligible to buy you must check the eligibility criteria and Exclusions in the Policy Booklet or talk to an advisor. You will get the protection as per your needs after consultation and learning about all the available resource.

b) How much Super Visa insurance should I Need?

The Coverage you need depends on age, health, pre-existing conditions, and of course your own choice and how long you are willing to stay in Canada. The minimum coverage amount set by the Government of Canada is $100,000. The longer you stay, the higher the amount you need.

c) If I’m a visiting person in Canada, can I apply for a Super visa for my parents?

No, You need to be either a permanent resident or a citizen to apply for a super visa for your parents.

d) What will happen if the Visa gets denied or when my parents have to leave sooner, than expected?

If the visa gets denied you will get 100% refund from the insurance company. if your parents have to leave sooner than expected you will get a refund for the unused period of your coverage provided you have no claims.

e) At what time will the coverage begin to operate?

The coverage generally starts when you leave the home country that means you are covered in transit with certain conditions but certain companies start coverage the moment you land in Canada. In case of any changes, you can also change the date on the cover.

f) Do I need to use a Canadian Company to buy the Super Visa Insurance?

Yes, it is a requirement by law. It is also beneficial since Canadian companies understand all that is required to make your application successful and also satisfying claim experience.

Stay At Hospitals In Case Of Emergency Can Be Very Costly

Stay At Hospitals In Case Of Emergency Can Be Very Costly

The purpose of Super Visa insurance is to cover hospital expenses in case of emergency. The hospitals across Canada charge different rates in case of emergency. The charges for room, initial consultation, surgery, ambulance services, medical test and diagnostics and cost for procedures vary hospital to hospital.

Stay At Hospitals In Case Of Emergency Can Be Very Costly

The Cost For Medical Procedures Is Also Important To Research. It Can Cost As Much As:

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