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Group Critical Illness Insurance

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Coverage highlights

• No medical underwriting required
• 22 covered conditions

A variety of coverage amounts available based on the size of the group

• 2 to 4 lives flat $10,000
• 5 to 9 lives $10,000 up to $25,000*
• 10 or more lives $10,000 up to $50,000*
*$10,000 minimum increasing by increments of $5,000

For Large Business Houses we can work out more coverage. Call for no obligation quote at 1 877-495-2525

An extra layer of financial protection

Most of us know someone who has encountered one of the 22 illnesses covered. And that means most of us are also aware of how devastating that news can be. Help your clients protect their employees and their businesses

This coverage can greatly reduce the financial burden that a diagnosis will cause for the patient and his or her family. For the small employer, providing plan members with access to this kind of coverage goes a long way towards satisfying his desire to do as much as possible to help a member of his workplace “family” who has fallen ill. A simple plan that provides money when it’s needed the most

If a plan member is diagnosed with one of the 22 covered conditions, he or she will receive a one-time, lump-sum cash payment that can be used in any way the plan member wishes:
• Seeking other treatment options,
• Making mortgage and credit card payments,
• Buying special equipment or hiring a caregiver for the patient,
• Renovating the home to meet the patient’s needs, and more.

With Group Critical Illness insurance the plan member does not need to have incurred a health care expense in order to receive the coverage.