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Financial Planning for Doctors

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Doctors invest a lot into their education to build a reputable career portfolio as experts in the medical field. It’s only fair that they have strategic financial security in place to justify the years of practicing as medical professionals.
That’s where we come in!

How Life Care can help you with your Financial Goals

Life Care Insurance and Financial Expert Inc. provides achievable retirement goals that enable you to commit to a plan capable of setting you up for life. We structure our retirement plans for doctors to welcome new opportunities as they grow in their fields. Our goals are designed to help you retire comfortably with the prestige and lifestyle of a successful medical professional.


How Our Plans and Strategies Keep You on Track

Asset Management

We help you create and manage an outstanding asset portfolio with promising growth potential and increasing risk tolerance features. Our flexible financial planning strategies enable you to have access to adjustable asset investment options at various stages of your medical career.

Financial Management

We help you balance the scale of living comfortably well today, clearing your debts, and stashing away cash in savings for the future. Our approach is to evaluate your income and expenses before drafting achievable short- and long-term financial goals in line with your finances.

Risk Management

We create risk-proofed retirement plans that support sustainable living for your family as you work through the years of being a medical expert. Our assigned advisor would help you analyze multiple coverage options and the risk level each retirement savings solution (individual or corporate) attracts per time.

Tax Planning

We advise our doctors on ways to spend and save with minimized tax returns all through their retirement savings plans. Our strategies over time are structured around suggesting tax-reductive channels for transferring your earnings as a medical professional.

Retirement Planning

We create effective retirement plans to help you set up a life-benefiting retirement portfolio. Our retirement plans are designed to help doctors round-up profitable assets by retirement with a sustainable financial portfolio. We help medical professionals build outstanding retirement portfolios with multiple streams of income for financially secured retirement.

Estate Planning

We provide our expertise in helping medical professionals draft financially-liberating estate plans for their family members. Our estate investment strategies and suggestions are open to review and discussion to help families get real estate assets In their desired communities. Each plan is tax-efficient offering doctors value for their retirement coverage.

What Services We Provide

Tax Planning

Life and Care Insurance and Financial Experts Inc. help doctors secure and protect the value of their estates leaving them in good shape for their families. Our trust planning services enable the recipient to get the assets divided according to the wishes of the deceased.

Financial Planning for Physicians

We help physicians create achievable financial plans in motion to enable them to spend wisely, save faithfully, and retire being financially secured. With our financial planning services, we help doctors get their financial goals and objectives in order and help them put them into action.

Medical Practice Incorporation

We help medical professionals enhance and manage their business finances through the incorporation of their medical practice. Our medical practice incorporation services help doctors legalize their medical practice as a legal entity which is different from their finances.

Insurance for Doctors

We set up insurance coverage for physicians to enable them to protect their finances, family, and medical practices. Our team provides effective and flexible insurance payment plans to help protect assets acquired over the years of practicing medicine.


Life Care Insurance and Financial Expert Inc. provides doctors with profitable investment opportunities and strategies to help them secure wealth long-term. Our flexible investment options enable recipients to benefit from their positions through their careers and after retirement.

Steps to your Financial Planning

Establishing & Defining the Client-advisor Relationship

The first step begins with meeting with an assigned advisor where you would learn in-depth about the services we offer. At this meeting, our clients get an overview of how their advisor will be paid, all additional charges, and primarily what the financial process entails. This meeting serves as the foundation of our client-advisor relationship where both parties decide on how frequently they need to meet to help make beneficial decisions.

Discussing Goals and Objectives

After the introductory meeting with your advisor, we’d require your data and information to evaluate your current financial capability. The information provided helps the advisor to evaluate and examine the doctor’s current cash flow, insurance securities, net worth, and other financial angles. Information derived can be used to make well-informed decisions when setting out your goals, retirement objectives, and risk tolerance.

Analyze your Current Financial Position

We scrutinize our client’s financial position using advanced financial analytic tools and resources to confirm that their goals and objectives are indeed achievable. The analytical data derived from this process aids the advisory process which makes the consultation session highly beneficial. In some cases, our doctors may have to consult their real estate and trust funding specialists for updates on the financial stand and positions.

Discussing the Plan with your Advisor

We encourage doctors to be transparent when providing information on their current financial situation to enable the advisor to develop the most appropriate financial plan for their position. The advisor alongside other financial specialists (if needed) makes recommendations on the best way to approach the financial planning process. Our client’s concerns are noted and revised to ensure they are well represented by their advisors.

Putting your Plan to Action

With the best recommendations from our experienced financial advisors, our clients can now put their financial plans into action. It becomes easier to actualize retirement plans with an expert by your corner navigating you through the financial planning process. At this point, our advisors work with their clients to prioritize the next step of action, attend to the necessary paperwork and oversee meetings with other financial experts if needed.

Monitor your Plan

Financial planning is a continuous process that requires making adjustable decisions on your retirement plan. We encourage our clients to create an open line of communication with their advisors for updates on potentially lucrative opportunities. Advisors at Life Care Insurance and Financial Expert Inc. also schedule subsequent meetings with the client for proper review on the progress of their financial process.

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