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What is a Super Visa Insurance
monthly Plan?

We offer Super Visa Insurance monthly plan from two companies:

21st Century Travel Insurance as well as Travelance.

Our licensed advisor will help you to compare the plans and offer the best policy as per your needs.

In other words, the monthly payment plan helps the applicant to manage the cost. However, in case your parents or grandparents decided to return early, it is very easy to cancel the policy and get a refund.

Special Note: Some conditions apply and plan varies from company to company. All applicants must read policy terms and conditions before making a purchase.

Requirements to Qualify for Super Visa

Parent or grandparent of Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada.

The person must be allowed to enter Canada.

In the application one must provide proof that your child or grandchild meets the minimum income threshold.

The sponsor must give a written statement that he or she will give you financial support.

Letter of invitation from your child or grandchild.

Have medical insurance coverage for one year with a minimum of $100,000 coverage.

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