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While health insurance is recommended for all visitors to Canada, Super Visa Insurance is a mandate. When a Canadian sponsor (citizen or permanent resident) invites his/her parents or grandparents to visit them in Canada on a Super Visa, Super Visa Insurance is a prerequisite even before one can apply for the Super Visa. the very fact that the Super Visa enjoys a great success rate shows that how convenient has visa application and approval become for parents and grandparents visiting Canada. 


The insurance being one of the most important conditions for approval is something you should know well about. So, here’s all that you must know. 


The Application Process is Simple but Needs to be Done in Canada

Procuring an adequate Super Visa Insurance policy from a valid Canadian insurance provider is the norm. Since the insured will be staying in Canada and availing the claims in Canada, the policy must also be bought from a Canadian insurer. When you have bought one, the policy will be activated as soon as the insured lands in Canada. 


For this very reason, documentary proof of the issued policy must be attached with the application for Super Visa. The application process for insurance is simple. It’s like buying the Visitor to Canada cover or any health plan for that matter. The only other thing that you need to keep in mind is that the cover amount should not be less than $100,000 and the policy period no less than one year. This not only makes one eligible for Super Visa, but also helps cover their medical expenses adequately while their stay in Canada. 


In case the application for Super Visa gets rejected, you are eligible to claim for a 100% refund of the premium amount. 


Super Visa Insurance Covers the Travel


Akin to Visitor to Canada Insurance, but for those who are applying for Super Visa, this kind of insurance assures that the insured will get benefits like hospitalization, health care, and repatriation. So when the insured (parents/grandparents) travel to Canada, meeting their medical expenses that need to be incurred on emergency hospitalization, unexpected illness, minor or major accidents, and even pre-existing medical conditions, it is hardly a burden for the sponsor. 


But, this is the least you can get out of a Super Visa Insurance policy. In fact, an experienced and licensed Super Visa agent, like at Life Care, can help you compare various plans from different insurance providers and get a plan that offers you the benefits that suit your requirement.


Affordable Monthly Plans Exist


In an era where you can buy everything in monthly installments, Super Visa Insurance is not as exception. A few insurers do offer monthly installments. Herein, the client need not pay the entire premium amount upfront. Only the first two installments and administration charges (both non-refundable in case of cancellation) are enough for the issue of the policy in the insured’s name. The remaining amount is pain in monthly installments and in case the policy holder leaves Canada before a year ends, refunds can be made easily for the remaining installments. 


Life Care at present offers these monthly plans from two Canadian insurance providers: 21st Century Insurance and Travel Shield. Our licensed advisors help you choose the best of monthly plans as per your requirements. 


It is recommended that one must read all the policy-related documents very carefully before buying Super Visa Insurance, especially in the case of cover for a pre-existing medical condition. One should also always consult an advisor for help and guidance in choosing the best Super Visa Insurance policy.