Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Engaging a Life Care Insurance Advisor in our comprehensive financial planning approach is highly recommended. Our continuous effort, commitment and experience work towards the ultimate goal of providing financial success and security to our clients. Our efforts have always yielded positive, consistent and long term results for our clients. We have a mission to set higher standards of client satisfaction by creating more wealth, managing their risk and estate matters.

By doing a complete assessment of your personal situation we can suggest measures to fill gaps in your financial life. It may include but not limited to protecting your income potential, minimizing taxes or making a decision on a specific financial matter. A need based model secures the best solution available by combining best possible risk management and financial strategies. CONSTRUCTIVE planning allows us to make sure that we fulfill your immediate goals in a timely and appropriate manner. We take pride in providing clients with a broad range of products including investment and insurance SOLUTIONS.

Financial Planning is meant to organize your wealth in the most effective and efficient manner and in a way that best serves what you want it to do for you and your family.

To us, Financial Planning considers everything you need to plan for financial certainty and comfort. It is not simply about your investments or your retirement plan, it is all encompassing and it is specific to each of our clients. At Life Care Insurance, the advisor would be grateful for the opportunity to assist you in your journey with consideration to the aspects of a financial plan as outlined below:

Without knowing what is truly important to you; your vision of success, your values, your goals and your current situation, it would be difficult to determine what suits you best. Your happiness and financial security are too important and are the reasons why this time spent is a crucial step in your overall plan.

As financial planners, the advisors have been able to professionally coordinate and advise on our entire financial well being including our estate planning, retirement planning, tax planning and investment needs. This comprehensive approach gives us peace of mind knowing that our affairs are in good order.

Steps in Constructive Planning Process

Retirement Planning
Retirement can mean different things to different people. We design a plan with great care which is in consistent to your vision and the whole process revolves around your goals set for retirement income meeting lifestyle expanses, traveling etc.

Managing Your Investments
Many people think that managing a portfolio of investments is simply a matter of choosing between risk and reward and finding the best performing investments. There is more to it than that! We weigh important considerations before making decisions with your money including management fees, diversification, taxation, preservation, protection and income needs. All of these variables have equal importance when determining what investments best suit your situation.

Effective and Efficient Estate Transfer
By understanding how you wish to distribute your wealth upon death, we can help ensure this is done properly. The transfer of wealth to the next generation or planned charitable giving requires proper planning and we prefer this be done well. We work with you and your other advisors to help you maximize your wishes to the benefit of you and your estate. Estate planning is not solely for the wealthy.

Contingencies in Your Life and Business
Making good financial decisions is not just about moving forward it is also about protecting your current income, lifestyle and resources. Planning ahead will reduce the impact of uncertainties in your life and will uncover some of the financial risks you could face in the event of disability, death, critical illness or the need for long term care. We educate and provide you with options to protect yourself from these uncertainties.

Minimizing the Impact of Taxes on Your Income and Wealth 
Taxes are a part of life. In fact, the only thing exciting about them is finding ways to minimize their burden! We will be proactive in implementing suitable strategies to reduce your taxes in order to ensure you retain more of your wealth. The ultimate objective is more for you and less for the tax man!



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