Things to Know when You Take Super Visa Insurance from Life Care

Things to Know when You Take Super Visa Insurance from Life Care

If you are a Canadian resident and your parents or grandparents (not Canadian residents) need to visit you here in Canada, Super Visa Insurance is the safest way to ensure that their medical expenses are covered for the while they travel to and from and stay in Canada. 


Life Care, with its vast experience in Super Visa Insurance and insurances of all kinds, in general, offers you the easiest and the most reliable insurance plans to make sure that your parents and grandparents are not left in the lurch in case of bad health or worse, medical emergencies. We help you with choosing the best insurance policies for your parents and/or grandparents, so that you can rest easy, prepare well for their visit, and spend quality time with them when they are with you in Canada. 


While getting a great Super Visa Insurance plan from us is a rather simple and affordable affair, there are certain things that you must know before you go for this insurance. Read on to find out.  


Super Visa Is for Your Convenience and So Is the Insurance


Back in 2011, the Canadian government launched the Super Visa program to reduce the backlog of visa applications that were constantly queued existed when non-Canadian resident parents and grandparents of Canadian residents applied for a visa to visit Canada. The idea worked very well, granting 40% of the Super Visas to Indian visitors in its first batch. 


The reason was very much valid. While a normal visa would allow the non-Canadian resident parents and grandparents of Canadian residents to visit only once per visa and stay up to 6 months, the Super Visa allows them multiple-entries and a stay for 2 years and is valid for up to 10 years. At the end of the 2-year span, you can apply for an extension if needed, and choose between a single entry or multiple entries as your parents or grandparents need. 


Their long stay in Canada also means that their medical expenses will need to be covered. To that purpose, serves the Super Visa Insurance. The government prescribes a minimum cover amount of $100,000 for a minimum span of a year. 


It’s As Simple As It Gets


The very process of the Super Visa starts with the application and procurement of a Super Visa Insurance policy from a private provider in Canada. We, at Life Care, help you get through this step, ensuring that you have the best plan in place before your parents/grandparents have the Super Visa for their visit.  


Super Visa Insurance is, in fact, one of the major factors that will help your Super Visa get approved swiftly. Remember, whether it’s just one parent or both your parents and/or grandparents, you will need to have a cover for each with a minimum cover value of $100,000 for a period of one year. 


This insured value can be more in case you wish. The period, however, is one year. If your parents intend to stay over a year, you will have to get the insurance renewed at the end of the term. In fact, you should get it renewed at least 8 days prior to the end date of your Super Visa Insurance plan, so that whenever your parents or grandparents are sick or need medical attention, you have the plan and the resources to get them treated. 


Once you have bought a plan, your will duly attach the proof along with the other requisite documents that go with the Super Visa application. 


It Makes the Visit Hassle-Free


Just as the Super Visa makes multiple entry easy for your parents and grandparents, the Super Visa Insurance makes the stay easy. When you know that you have a backup plan for the situation when your loved ones face any kind of health problem while traveling or at any point of their stay in Canada, it’s a massive relief. 


Super Visa Insurance covers hospitalization, healthcare, as well as repatriation. With a great plan, you shall no longer be pestered by the fear that what your parents/grandparents could be stricken by unexpected illness or accidents or any other emergency situation that demands immediate medical attention and of course, the money to pay off their medical bills.


With the best of insurance plans, Life Care offers you the peace of mind that lets you give more time and attention to your loved ones. It also frees you up to work out other aspects of your parents’/grandparents’ arrival and stay, medical bills being the least of the worries. 


We also assure that if your parents’/grandparents’ Super Visa application is rejected, you can claim through a quick process and receive 100% of your premium money as a refund. Also, in case they leave any shorter of a year, a refund can be made for the time that remains for the 1-year period of the Super Visa Insurance policy to end. 


With Life Care, Super Visa Insurance is Convenient and Affordable


Life Care brings to you convenient and affordable Super Visa Insurance plans through our insurance partners so as to take the pain out of the selection as well as the execution process. Not only do we meet all the prerequisites that the Super Visa necessitates, we make sure that your parents/grandparents have the best medical cover as they travel to Canada, stay here, and even when they travel back to their or another country during the time of their visit to Canada.


We help you with more than just Super Visa Insurance. You can rely on us for Super Visa Insurance for pre-existing conditions; for cancer patients; for heart patients; for Alzheimer’s patients; with insurance coverage and date changes as well as with refund in case your Super Visa application is rejected, or if your parents/grandparents leave earlier than a year. 


If you need any assistance with a new Super Visa Insurance policy, or are looking for renewal of an old one, let one of our insurance experts help you and save your time and money. 

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