Your clients belong to you. At Life Care we believe in providing all the support you need to become a
successful Brand.


A complete training program has been designed to help you continue upgrading skills and maintaining
your license to practice.Complete Sales Training and Mentoring.

1.Complete Sales Training and Mentoring.
2. In-House Broker Training School.
3. Investment and Retirement Planning.
4. Joint Field Work.
5. Advanced Case Specialist.
6. Complex business Planning Training.

We help you build your business. Building a business means; creating a career plan. We help
you to become a successful advisor through the following process:

  • We help you transfer or buy additional business blocks.
  • We give you access to the best investment and insurance products on the market.
  • Our Advanced Case Management team will help you from scratch to create sophisticated Financial and Insurance plans to cater to the elite.

Our clients are our asset and we take care of them by providing logistics support. In this ever changing world being dynamic and adaptable to the changing needs of clients is the foremost thing.
We help you to position yourself in the market by providing:

  • Local media support.
  • We based training and help: Social media, website, email marketing etc.
  • Marketing support will be provided to the brokers by creating personalized advertising, POS and mailers to target broader audience.


We recognize outstanding performance by inviting our top advisors to various conferences, some of which are held in locations around the world.  You will also earn “Bonus Dollars” – a cost-share program to help you pay for expenses related to business development.


Support from your financial centre’s dedicated compliance experts, who’s main function is to proactively guide your business practice in accordance with current standards and regulations.

  • Access to all the insurance companies and products to create tailor made solutions for the unique needs of the clients.
  • Wide range of investment products from different carriers to do investment management.
  • Complete staff support for investment product training and execution.