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At Life Care we aim high and big - and we like people who can aim high with us. Join us on this journey and you will never look back. We are your elevator to success.

expertise we offer

Why work with us?

Everybody enjoys the life with success achieved so far and knowing there is so much more to come. The pace of our life is so fast and at times we aren’t quite sure how we got here – yet, we have an idea of where we want to be.

Join the Winning Team

Do you have the driving force to succeed in life and are you looking for a career to create your own brand and do you know what you should do, talk to us. At Life Care we aim high and big – and we like people who can aim high with us. Join us on this journey and you will never look back. We are your elevator to success.

Customer Focus

We are in the business to make a profit, but we will never do this at the expense of our customers.

  • The nucleus of our business is our customers and our genuine and strong effort is to help them achieve financial security for themselves and their families.
  • For us, Our customer’s interest, assets and requirements are the first and If you share the same values and understand that success and customer care go hand in hand then you will succeed at Life Care.

The Right Attitude

The most important thing which every individual brings on table in an Organization is ATTITUDE.

  • This is the key quality to succeed and we look for the same in you.
  • Our selection process centres on validating the combination of your customer focus, drive to succeed and desire to achieve bigger and better things in not just your career, but your life.




We are your elevator to success. Join the wining team of Life Care because we care for your dreams

It is not just about building business, it’s about building legacy

A strong Financial foundation is necessary to build a strong future

Expert Advisor Training

We always say on our website that an expert and knowledgeable advisor will help you in securing the right plan for you.

  • The word expert stems from a coordinated effort of ours by training you in the field of managing risk and managing money.
  • We expect you to become an expert by setting higher standards in the industry.
  • Our Training model follows a strict regime of imparting Product knowledge, In-Class sessions, Field Training and motivating you to acquire industry credentials like: CLU, RHU, CFP designations.
  • You will be trained to a very high standard using class based as well as one to one mentored training by a senior in house expert. We want you to become the best so you can help us continue being the best at what we do within the industry.

Our Service Offer

You own your book of business from day one. You receive all renewals and also have an opportunity to sell at retirement. We help you to buy more book of business in support of a growth-acquisition strategy. Get up to 7x for your block of business

Build your own agency and we will help your agents in Training, Compliance so that you focus on building more business.

A complete training program has been designed to help you continue upgrading your skills and maintain your license of practice. Access to all major insurance companies and competitive compensation model.

Sell your block of business : If you want to sell your block Life Care will pay the highest price and or get your residuals for lifetime. More opportunities available.

why us?

Choose your own path to script your own success story…

Your clients belong to you. At Life Care we believe in providing all the support you need to become a successful Brand.

1. training

A complete training program has been designed to help you continue upgrading skills and maintaining
your license to practice.Complete Sales Training and Mentoring.

2. business development

2. business development

We help you build your business. Building a business means; creating a career plan. We help
you to become a successful advisor through the following process:

3. media management - the means to succeed

Our clients are our asset and we take care of them by providing logistics support. In this ever changing world being dynamic and adaptable to the changing needs of clients is the foremost thing. We help you to position yourself in the market by providing:

3. media management - the means to succeed

4. competitive compensation and recognition program

We recognize outstanding performance by inviting our top advisors to various conferences, some of which are held in locations around the world. You will also earn “Bonus Dollars” – a cost-share program to help you pay for expenses related to business development.

5. compliance support

Support from your financial centre’s dedicated compliance experts, who’s main function is to proactively guide your business practice in accordance with current standards and regulations.

compliance support
Complete staff support for investment product training and execution.

6. wide range of products

Life care offers to buy your book at 7 times multiple and more

All your written business offers you residual income for life. Be a successful brand with us and make a difference in yours and client’s life.

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