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Financial Planning for Dentists

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Managing Your Finances as a Dentist for Guaranteed Lifetime Financial Security

At Life Care Insurance, we help dentists make their years of studying through medical school, graduating, and becoming a practicing owner worth it after retirement. We are experts at offering strategic financial planning opportunities to dentists as they go about saving the world one human tooth at a time. Our team of advisors is knowledgeable at offering useful insights in asset accumulations, tax planning, real estate, children’s finances.

Life Care Insurance offers customized financial planning solutions for experts in the dentistry space.

We know and understand the industry inside-out with years of advising practice owners at the various phases of their dentistry careers as professionals. Our advanced financial analytical solutions help us to evaluate our client’s current financial position – as we draft out the best plan to achieve financial security for a lifetime.

Why Choose Life Care Insurance?

We are a team of financial planning experts with above-average expertise in executing achievable plans to set you financially secured for life. Life Care Insurance treats every client’s case differently as we offer customized financial objective review, impartial advice, and full-time advisory services all the way. We only give quotes on value-priced fees to keep you ahead and in charge of your cash flow, assets, and investments.

Life Care Insurance provides market research data on highly lucrative investment products to get into with reduced risks. Our structural financing mandate drives the team to provide adequately structured financial goals and plans that guarantee financial security for a lifetime. Dentists benefit from partnering with a team of experts that offers lower cost, effective client-advisor communication, and air-tight financial management results.

The Evolutionary Stages of Financial Planning for a Dentist

Phase I: Newly Graduated Dentists

Phase II: New Dental Practice Owner

Phase III: Established Dentists Mid-career

Phase IV: Practice Selling Dentist

Phase V: Retired Dentists

Additional Specialized Services

 Life Care Insurance also specializes in divorce financial planning to help our dentists determine their net worth, assets allocation, and appropriate levels of payment

 We also work on child financial planning which covers Will preparation, creation of RESPs, setting up life insurance coverage, as well as financing during maternity leave.

 Our team of experts also offers services on marriage financial planning to help our clients coordinate their net worth, creation and review of Wills and insurance for couples, and legal income tax breaks.

 We work on death financial planning which enables our clients to make adequate preparation on tax returns, get financial advisory on net worth liquidation, and general financial guidance to create a lucrative retirement portfolio.