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The latest news on the super visa increased length of stay has been announced by the IRCC, and it will take effect from July 4, 2022.

Some of the things included in the major reform to this super visa are listed below.

  • Every super visa holder can stay in Canada for up to five years.
  • Those with a super visa can increase their stay to two more years, making the visa valid for seven years.
  • The Canadian minister of immigration can issue special medical coverage to support Super visa applicants henceforth.

Currently, those with Super Visas can reside in Canada for two years per entry, and this entry can last up to 10 years. Also, the current situation allows only the insurance providers to provide super visa applicants medical coverage, but this is soon changing as the IRCC is working on giving a better way out.

The conservative party of Canada’s members of Parliament were the major forces in this reform, and it was done via Bill C- 242. The release of this information to the press indicates that Canada’s ruling party supports the bill that has been passed.

Every year, more than 17,000 Super Visas are issued and offered in place of the Parents and Grandparents Program (PGP). Though the PGP offers permanent residence but it is more in demand than supply. The number of people wanting to sponsor far exceeds the available spot provided by IRCC. About 200,000 sponsors are asking to sponsor, but just 20,000 spots can be sponsored under PGP. With Super visa proving as an improved alternative for PGP for over a decade, it can only get better. However, the IRCC uses the expression of interest windows and lotteries to help people get their invitation to apply through the PGP. Yet, there is no sustainable plan by the PGP for the year 2022.

But, with Super Visa, you can get issued the visa when you pass the insurance and medical examination. This makes it easy for super visa holders to get attended to medically without waiting for a Canadian taxpayer to sponsor them. Plus, the children and grandchildren of the host must meet the income requirement provided by IRCC.

In fact, Sean Fraser, Canada’s immigration minister, mentioned the importance of Families and why the Super Visa program is a priority, it is therefore not a surprise that the visa has been given extra pecks.


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