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Things to Remember before Buying Super Visa Insurance

Things to Remember before Buying Super Visa Insurance

If you are looking forward for a super visa for your parents or grandparents, super visa insurance is one of the most important requirements that you must not ignore. While the super visa allows the parents or immediate ancestors of the Canadian residents to visit them without applying for the visa every time they visit Canada within a span of two years, the insurance for super visa ensures their medical well-being during their stay. However, insurance must be taken care from year to year. There are, in fact, many more things like these which you need to remember before you buy this insurance.

Read on to find out. 


5 Things to Remember about Super Visa Insurance

  • There Are Options. So, Choose. 

Well, there are many options available on the market. However, you need to be wise while choosing what you need. You need to see how much cover you need,  which provider gives you the best offers, what is the price that you are going to pay, and many more things. So pay attention to what different providers are offering to you and choose wisely. 

  • Be Honest while you Apply

A very common mistake that applicants make is that of hiding facts in order to buy a cheaper policy.  While it may sound like a bright Idea on the face of it, it has immense potential to sabotage your visa and insurance application. So, be honest.  Pay a little more if it takes to buy the best super visa insurance for your parents or grandparents, but be safe.

  • Meet the Minimum Coverage

You need to remember that the lowest cover is $100,000 and that you must buy super visa insurance as a witness, prior to submitting the Super Visa application. If the application is rejected for any reason whatsoever, the applicant will be fit to receive 100 percent of the premium that they have paid for the insurance.


  • A Year is a Must

Take one year’s time as the staple. So, buy nothing that offers you less than a year. The good news is that if your parents to wish to depart before a year ends,  you can either stop the payment if you are paying in installments, or claim the rest of the balance if you have already paid. 

  • Renew 8 Days before the Insurance Expires

In case your parents stay for over a year in Canada,  you will need to renew their insurance for a super visa. That said, you will need to renew the insurance at least 8 days before the previous one expires. As and when you buy the first-ever insurance plan, make sure that it takes less than 8 days to get it renewed. Also, it is not necessary to get insurance renewal from the same vendor. Whichever way you renew the policy, make sure it’s done in time so as to avoid difficulties.

These are a few important things that you must not forget while buying insurance for super visa, on a general level you should remain alert and aware about the visa rules, the details that you give to your insurance agent, and the changes in the government policy that are made from time to time. If you do have a reliable super visa insurance provider, things will become rather easy for you. But make sure that you choose one that is reputed and trusted.

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