Why Such A Large Advantage?

Why such a large advantage?

For many who must work long hours to earn income, it seems as though the incredible tax sheltering ability of the PPP is ‘too good to be true’. After all, if assets return the same whether in a PPP or RRSP, how can there be such a substantial pension advantage? The answer lies with the Income Tax Act and the way pension plans are given the right to contribute more money towards retirement than RRSPs. Under pension rules, as a doctor gets older, the law requires the professional corporation to contribute more tax-deductible amounts to counter the fact that the sums invested will not have as many years to compound.

Does INTEGRIS manage my money?

No. The Doctor can select the investment manager of the pension plan.


Are there other advantages to being in a PPP besides saving a lot more for retirement?

Yes. Some include additional tax deductions not permitted to RRSP holders. Read more at


At last, doctors can have a real pension!

The rules allowing owner operators of small companies to have their own pension plans have been codified since 1991, and in Canada, Approximately 15,000 individual pension plan are registered with the Government of canada.

Now the medical doctors can incorporate, and that the taxtation of non-eligible dividends make it tax-efficient to draw some salary, the PPP is the most effective way of withdrawing taxable corporate income in an efficient manner.

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