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What is Living Benefit Insurance?

People sometimes find it funny that the claims of life insurance are only awarded after death. What benefits does the policy holder get from sacrificing monthly percentages of their earnings only to have a relative get it all? Well, living benefit insurance offers the perfect alternative for individuals that’d love to benefit from their “life” insurance coverage. Today, policy holders can now get living benefits from life insurance policies.

In a nutshell, you also get some benefits from the insurance policy. This insurance policy is designed to help meet the medical needs of policy holders who suffer from illness, aging, accidents, and dependency. There’s no point in having so many funds in insurance when a policy holder cannot afford primary health benefits with their money. Living benefit insurance provides a long-term solution to that existing gap in insurance claims.

Types of Living Benefit Insurance

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is a policy that pays a monthly income to policy holders who have problems with mobility or disability of any kind. With this, there’s coverage for when a policy holder becomes disabled in the future. It’s not mandatory for the policy holder to get injured or disabled while working. However, the disability or injury must be severe enough to prevent the injured or disabled from getting a job or earning income.

Health and Dental Coverage

Just like policy holders with disability insurance benefits, health and dental insurance coverage come from the employer’s pockets. The majority of these plans are workplace supplementary benefits on every employee’s earnings and bonus packages. Health and dental coverage cover unforeseen healthcare bills and expenses when a policy holder needs it.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policies are designed for when policy holders choose to go on vacations or travel outside Canada. The terms attached to travel insurance policies vary across multiple insurance companies. Regardless, most of them would cover the policy holder’s medical treatment abroad when they fall sick or injured in the case of an accident. They sometimes cover the cost of medical emergencies including paramedical services abroad.

Critical Illness Insurance

Policy holders of critical illness insurance coverage get living benefits when they become critically ill. Different insurance companies have selected critical health conditions that qualify for their critical illness insurance coverage. Regardless, the majority of them in Canada offer to fund cases like strokes, heart attacks, and cancer. If and when a policy holder gets critically ill, they can be sure to get optimal medical care paid with insurance.

Long-term Care Insurance

Long-term care insurance provides daily or monthly funding to policy holders that need to receive nursing care at a certain age. This living benefit insurance coverage has grown rapidly over the years – since there are increasing chances of retiring to a nursing home now than ever. Recipients get daily or monthly funding for custodial or medical care in their homes or hospitals. Governmental insurance policies never cover long-term custodial care.

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