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Debt Management

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What is Debt Management?

Debt management helps people and businesses control their debt through viable financial planning. Our debt management services are designed to help reduce current debts over a stipulated time frame. Debt management allows the debtor to commit to their repayment plans by being accountable to a professional. Life Care Insurance provides debt management plans for debts of all sizes and creditors.

The first step to debt management begins with credit counseling with our team which allows Life Care Insurance to evaluate the terms of a debt.


How to Overcome Debt

Overcoming debts takes tenacity with the help of a competent accounting and debt management team on your side. What we’ve seen many do over the years is try to commit to debt management plans themselves without the help of a professional in the picture. Why this can be cost-effective, it often doesn’t give the debtors the results they hoped for. Many debtors end up extending their debt repayment time frame.

As debt management professionals at Life Care Insurance, we are committed to ensuring that our clients get their debts paid without stress.

How can we Manage Debts?

We can manage debt by evaluating our income and expenses carefully before deciding what percentage or amount goes into debt repayment plans. Working with Life Care Insurance gives our clients the advantage of getting a clearer solution for their debt situation. Some debtors do not often realize how critical their debt has gotten until they come for credit counseling. When it gets so bad, we sometimes advise you to close the account.

Closure of your credit account prevents you from securing more debt while our team works on the perfect debt repayment plan.

Debt management
What is Debt Management Plan

What is Debt Management Plan?

The debt management plan is an unofficial agreement between you and your creditor addressing the repayment terms of your current debt. The sole purpose of any debt management plan is to enable the debtor to regain financial control while paying their debt. Centuries ago, debtors do not have benefits of financial control until their debt is cleared. With debt management plans, one can reduce outstanding debt over a period with ease.

Life Care Insurance helps its clients to secure lower overall interest rates on their unsecured debt.

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