No matter on which stage of life you are in, our adviser will help you plan for today, for a better tomorrow. Providing customized solutions for your unique needs. At Life Care we pay special attention to your needs at different stages of the life cycle. An experienced advisor will help you meet your goals of managing risk and money. Our life planning process will help you identify goals, collect relevant information, analyze and create a financial plan that will achieve your financial and lifestyle objectives. Your success is our motto.

Financial Planning
Future is always uncertain.  Financial Planning means building value and realizing goals. Money should do exactly the same thing that we expect, at different intervals of life. This is why devising a financial plan is of paramount importance.


In the previous part of our blog, we had embarked on the journey to discovering what estate planning can do for you. In this blog, we continue to explore the benefits of estate planning. Read further to find out more.


We are a financial services firm focused on ensuring our clients and brokers achieve the life they want. Our expertise is in the areas of financial management, protection and investment.

Critical Illness Insurance

Life Insurance

Disability Insurance

Health and Dental
Health and Dental

Mortgage Insurance

Long Term Care Insurance

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Whether it’s covering your health expenses or providing financial protection to family, we offer all. Travelling abroad, or somebody visiting you in Canada? Travel medical insurance policies are offered at very competitive rates. Health is wealth, but managing health care expense over long term can be managed through customized long term care insurance. Be it your individual insurance needs, or employee benefits we offer tailor made solutions to our clients.

Why work with us?

Everybody enjoys the life with success achieved so far and knowing there is so much more to come. The pace of our life is so fast and at times we aren’t quite sure how we got here – yet, we have an idea of where we want to be.

Life is not a straight line yet our persistency, endurance, planning and objectivity always deliver happiness by achieving results and over time our aim is to achieve more in life. And we all have different definitions of what that looks like.

Personal Approach
We help you find the coverage you need at the price point you pick

Experienced Advisors
We are happy to explain the fine print for you

Quick’n’Easy Process
It only takes a few minutes to set up your coverage

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Super Visa Insurance is a new concept that came into light along with Super Visa. Super Visa insurance is no different from visitor to Canada medical insurance. Super visa insurance will feature: premium

Student Medical Insurance

All international students studying in Canada should buy health insurance. Medical and dental treatment in Canada is expensive, and international students are often not eligible for provincial government health

travel insurance

It is a universal fact that Canadians are very much fond of travelling and usually they travel to those parts of world where they could find adventures to spend quality family time and of course escape from snow..

We are giving away up to $5,000 worth of RESPs in 2020!

Life Care Insurance is giving away towards Education Savings Plans with a potential value of up to $5,000 each!

Life Care Insurance in Canada - Expert Blog

Take Super Visa Insurance
How to Go about Building a Financial Plan that Matters

Future is always uncertain; planning for life means building value and realising goals. Money should exactly do the same

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Take Super Visa Insurance
Things to Know when You Take Super Visa Insurance from Life Care

If you are a Canadian resident and your parents or grandparents (not Canadian residents) need to visit you here in Canada

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Your Money Your control
Your Money Your control- A win-win situation

Neither there are less books on managing money in the market nor there is a dearth of information available on internet but still Canadians….

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