Life Care Insurance

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Comparison of Basic Insurance Policies


Type Characteristics Uses
Whole life Low costs, cash value, premiums payable for lifetime (age 100). Young single persons and young, married persons for protection, with some saving, and as an emergency source of funds.
Universal life Higher investment component than traditional whole life High-income individuals who find tax-free build-up attractive.
Limited payment life Stays in force when paid up. Builds cash and paid up values. Fewer insurance payments paid up protection. Good for persons with short-term high income, sports stars, entertainers. Also, high-income middle-aged individuals.
Single premium life Minimal insurance protection. Investment builds tax-free High-income individuals who find tax-free build-up attractive.
Term Protection only. low cost Good for persons who need large amount of coverage for short period (1-,5-,10-,15-,20- year terms) good for young, married persons with growing children.



Protection reduced with time


Low cost

Good for mortgage redemption repayment of other loans or installment payments