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Permanent Life Insurance

Do you Need Permanent Life Insurance? Well, if you are looking for a pan that protects your loved ones for as long as you are alive, the answer is plain and simple—you need permanent life insurance. When you are a family person, life comes with responsibilities—buying a car, a house, paying for your children’s education […]

Type of Life Insurance

Why you Need Life Insurance while Buying a House To be honest, when a couple buys their first home, they usually need to take out a mortgage and that is usually the time when they realize that they need a life insurance. It is a common scenario that people never think of buying a life […]

Type of Life Insurance

Which Type of Life Insurance Is Perfect for You? By now, a fair number of Canadians have started realizing that life insurance is necessary for the protection of their family’s financial security. But how many of us know which type of insurance to buy? Not many, I suppose. This is why, today I will discuss […]

Life Insurance (protected view)

Does Smoking Affect your Life Insurance? According to a report by the Canadian Cancer Society, smoking generates a massive $6.5 billion in healthcare costs in a year. So, if you have been wondering it your smoking habit affects your life insurance policy, the answer is certainly yes. If you are a smoker, there can be […]

Should You Buy Term Life Insurance?

Should You Buy Term Life Insurance? Have you been considering buying temporary financial protection to provide for your loved ones but are still wondering if it is the right thing to do? We’ll help you find out. One thing that we want to tell you right at the outset is that if you are thinking […]

What Every Family should Know about Life Insurance

What Every Family should Know about Life Insurance It’s a very wise decision to protect your family with a life insurance plan. But that’s not where your job is done. There are some things that your family needs to know about your insurance and theirs. Just like you will still need to unload a washing […]

Disability Insurance Guide

Disability Insurance Guide Our most important asset is our health and our ability to work is contributing towards meeting expenses for life. Disability due to Injury or Sickness can directly and severely impact our ability to work thus hampering business or job resulting in loss of income or business revenue. We can never anticipate injury […]