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Super Visa Insurance Winnipeg

11 Mar

Super Visa Insurance Winnipeg


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    Buy the Best Super Visa Insurance in Winnipeg

    What Do You Know about the Super Visa Insurance?

    • If you are wondering whether you can get a great Super Visa Insurance plan in Winnipeg, the answer is yes. But how? By getting to know Super Visa Insurance better, you will be able to choose the perfect plan for yourself.
    • Super Visa Insurance is a mandate for those who apply for Super Visa to Canada. It is necessary to cover the medical expenses of the Super Visa holders as soon as they arrive in Canada. Very similar to for Visitor to Canada medical cover, this one is meant only for Super Visa applicants/holders.
    • When you buy super Visa Insurance in Winnipeg or elsewhere make sure that it includes the amount for the said cover, primary and secondary benefits, as well as cancellation and refund policies.
    • While applying for Super Visa the nationality of the applicants as well as their relation with the sponsor matter. So do the sponsor’s and the applicant’s relations with the native nation, the financial standing of the sponsor, among various other factors.

    Understanding the Super Visa Program Better before Buying Insurance

    • In 2011, under the family reunification program, the Canadian government started the Super Visa program. It instantly saw and still sees immense success  because it speeds up the visa approval for the applicants who are non-Canadian parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens or permanent residents.
    • This visa is temporary in nature and can allow up to 10 years of stay in Canada for parents and grandparents of the sponsor. The first approval allows up to 2 years in Canada. And then it can be renewed for a total of up to 10 years.

    What You Need for Super Visa for Winnipeg

    • The applicant must be a non-Canadian parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident.
    • The Canadian government should not have, for any reason whatsoever, banned the applicant from entering Canada.
    • The sponsor must earn the minimum income that the Canadian government mandates for them to support the applicant(s).
    • A written declaration by the applicant must be submitted promising that they will support the applicant(s) throughout their stay in Canada.
    • The applicant must have a letter of invitation from the sponsor before submitting the Super Visa application.
    • Super Visa insurance plan for minimum $100,000 cover for minimum one year must be procured by the applicant before applying for Super Visa.

    Can You Get the Best Deal on Super Visa Insurance in Winnipeg?

    • Yes, Life Care can help you with that. As you look for the best Super Visa Insurance plan in Winnipeg, our insurance calculator eases the search for you.
    • Our handy Super Visa Insurance calculator just needs some basic information from you to suggest upto 7 price quotes from top insurers in Winnipeg. We also let you compare various providers and plans. You can compare premiums, benefits, deductibles, eligibility criteria, cover and exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, and cancellation & refund policy among other terms and conditions simply on our website.

    How Much will Super Visa Insurance in Winnipeg Cost You?

    • Remember that you cannot compromise on two things: minimum cover of $100,000; insurance plan for 1 year.
    • For the same cover amount and policy period, you will be offered different plans by different insurance providers. And it will be an array of basic, elite, comprehensive, platinum, etc. Not only the premium but also the inclusions and exclusions will vary depending on factors like age, pre-existing medical conditions, etc.
    • But rest assured that the government of Canada ensures that basic benefits like health care, hospitalization, and repatriation are sure to be included in the policy.
    • Since the plans, the premiums, the benefits etc., will be different, you must carefully read all the details on the policy documents, especially so when the applicant has a pre-existing medical condition. Hastiness in purchase can lead to complications later, especially if the cover amount and period are less than prescribed.

    What is a Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan? 

    • At Life Care, we offer monthly plans so you don’t have to shell out a large sum in one go. We offer the same from two trusted insurers—21st Century Travel Insurance and Travel Shield. We assign one of our licensed advisors the task of helping and guiding you in comparing the two plans and choosing the best.
    • While most clients pay the premium amount for a year all together, there are some clients who would like to pay in monthly installments. So, a few insurers offer this facility.
    • The monthly plan necessitates the payment of only the first two installments plus the administration cost (usually below $50) before the policy can be issued in the insured’s name.These charges, however, are not refundable in case of policy cancellation. The policy comes into effect as soon as the insured arrives in Canada. The remnant, that is, 10 premiums are due for monthly payment during the next 10 months.
    • It is rather convenient for a lot of clients to pay monthly and bear less financial burden at the start of the policy. Even in case of cancellation and refund (if the insured leaves Canada before a year) monthly plans is more than convenient.


    • It’s great to have options to choose from when you buy Super Visa Insurance in Winnipeg. Nevertheless, it is essential to be aware and read all the insurance related documents carefully before purchasing any policy.
    • If you don’t delve deep into the documents, you might just end up picking a policy that is either too costly or inadequate to bear the medical expenses of the insured. Important points like terms & conditions, inclusions & exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, the look back period, and intricacies of the condition being stable and controllable must never be ignored. And as much as you will need to read up, you will also need to ask questions. So, wherever you have q query, our reliable agents are there to assist.

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