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Looking for Super Visa Insurance in Toronto?

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What is Super Visa Insurance?

  • With Super Visa, came the concept of the Super Visa Insurance to insure your parents’/grandparents’ medical expenses during their visit on Super Visa. If you are looking for super Visa Insurance in Toronto, we must tell you that it is not different from the Visitor to Canada medical cover.
  • Any Super Visa Insurance in Toronto will essentially include: premium amount, benefits (primary as well as secondary), along with the refund policy, etc.
  • You must remember that only parents and grandparents of citizens and permanent residents of Canada can avail Super Visa, thus the Super Visa Insurance. But that is not the only criterion of this visa. The applicant’s relations with the native country, the purpose of their parents’ or grandparents’ visit as well as the financial standing of the family are taken into regard before the visa can be granted.

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What is Super Visa Program?

  • This program was effected on November 4, 2011 in Canada under the family reunification program with the aim to convene visa only for parents as well as grandparents of Permanent Residents as well as Citizens of Canada.
  • The new super visa program is now ready to provide a temporary visa to parents and grandparents which shall be valid for a period of ten years. However, anyone on a Super Visa can stay only up to 2 years in Canada without having to renew the visa. Thereafter, the visa needs to be renewed.
  • This is the reason why the success rate of the scheme has been very high as compared to regular visitor visa programs for Canada.

Requirements to Qualify for Super Visa Program for Toronto

  • One must be a parent or a grandparent of citizen or permanent resident of Canada.
  • The person should otherwise not be restricted from entering Canada
  • One must attach the proof that their child or grandchild earns the minimum income to support them as prescribed by the immigration policy.
  • A written statement must be submitted by the sponsor that he or she is ready to extend financial support to the visitor (parents/grandparents)
  • The sponsor must produce a letter of invitation for the parents or grandparents.
  • One must have a medical insurance for minimum one year, the minimum cover amount being $100,000.

Can I buy Super Visa Insurance in Toronto and still save money?

  • Al Lifecare Insurance, we make sure that we offer the best insurance plans for the best prices in Toronto. Our Super Visa Insurance calculator gives you the best price quotes from up to 7 providers right away through very basic information.
  • We make things easy for you. We offer you to you to browse through important policy terms and conditions before you make a purchase. And our calculator actually lets you compare  premiums, benefits and their amounts, deductible options, eligibility criteria, claim process, and even refund process, etc., in each providers’ offer.

How much does the Super Visa Insurance in Toronto cost?

  • While the requisite cover Super Visa Insurance is $100,000, each provider offers different plans in terms of premium amount, benefits and terms and conditions. There are basic plans, elite plans, comprehensive benefits and even platinum benefits, etc.
  • There are various factors like age of the insured, policy period, coverage amount, benefits offered, pre-existing conditions, etc.
  • However, all policies, no matter served by which provider, must meet the requirements as prescribed by the government of Canada. Also, they should necessarily provide some benefits like hospitalization, health care, as well as repatriation, etc.
  • Before buying any policy in Toronto whatsoever, you must read all the details as mentioned on the policy documents for the terms and conditions. Otherwise, there is probability that you may end up in loss if the coverage or the time is less than requisite.
  • We also highly recommend that you closely read and understand the benefits offered and exclusions as well. There are certain things like doctor’s visits in case of emergencies, follow-up visiti or medication refills and even cost covered per condition, etc., that you need to oay attention to before buying Super Visa Insurance in Toronto.


  • While some Super Visa Insurance companies in Toronto will offer you one standard plan for one standard price, there are others that will offer two or even three different plans with different premiums and benefits. Also, not all of these plans will cover pre-existing conditions.
  • Each plan defines the pre-existing conditions it covers in terms of look back period and  other factors. If the plan covers these conditions then the associated hospitalization will be covered according to the maximum payable benefit as mentioned in the policy booklet.