Life Care Insurance

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➤Prescription drugs

Helps cover the rising costs of generic and brand-name drugs.
➤Dental care
A trip to the dentist may be a little more tolerable when you have coverage.
➤Vision care
Glasses, contact lenses, eye doctor appointments, etc.
➤Homecare and nursing
Rehabilitation from the comfort of your own home.
➤Registered therapists
Chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist, dietitian and more.
➤Enhanced coverage for seniors
At age 65, benefits automatically increase in the areas you want them the most.


Plus, these services at no extra cost:

➤Emergency medical travel coverage
Gives you up to $5,000,000 in coverage for an unlimited number of trips per year.
➤Health Service Navigator®
Health Service Navigator gives you priority access to top specialists at world-class hospitals. Get advice without an appointment or any travel.
➤Tax savings
Self-employed or own a small business? A portion of your premiums may be deductible.
➤Healthcare Online
Gives you 24/7 access to health care professionals (including physicians, nurse practitioners and nurses) online, through the app or over the phone. Plus, you have easy access to lab results, scripts, refills and referrals.
➤Make claims online 24/7
Submit claims as soon as your coverage is in place.

What does each plan cover?


Build your plan and live life the way you like it.

1. Select Your Core Plan.

➤ ComboPlusTM: Dental + Drug coverage
➤ DentalPlusTM: Dental coverage
➤ DrugPlusTM: Drug coverage

2. Select Your Coverage Level.

➤ Starter: Lower coverage amounts and rates (great for add-ons)
➤ Basic: Well-rounded coverage at affordable rates
➤ Enhanced: Maximum coverage

3. Consider adding Manulife Vitality.

➤ Improve your health and get rewarded for it
➤Select Manulife Vitality with your plan to automatically save 5% on your first-year premiums AND up to 10% in following years

4.Select Your Add-Ons. Increase your coverage in your Core Plan.

➤Accidental Death and Dismemberment Enhanced
➤ Catastrophic Coverage
➤ Hospital (Basic or Enhanced)
➤ Travel (for up to 30 days)
➤ Vision Enhanced

5. Select Stand-Alone Plans.

Need a specific type of coverage? Just pay for what you want:
➤ Catastrophic Coverage
➤ Hospital