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Critical Illness Insurance

16 May

Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness insurance is increasingly attractive to individuals looking to secure their financial health in the event of illness. A number of companies now offer this type of insurance, each with its own set of conditions. Take the time to familiarize yourself with the main features of this type of insurance so that you can better compare the various offers when shopping around.

• Some critical illness policies are sold alone or combined with other types of critical illness or life insurance coverage.

• You can also take out critical illness insurance under a universal life policy and thereby enjoy greater benefits and flexibility..

• More and more insurance products now combine the payment of benefits in the event of critical illness along with the payment of a death benefit. This type of product is generally less expensive than buying life and critical illness coverage separately, since the benefit amount normally payable at death is reduced by the amount paid in case of critical illness.

However, before choosing this combined product, ask yourself if you want your death benefits to remain the same following a critical illness. If so, then purchasing separate critical illness insurance coverage is the better choice.

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