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Estate Planning—A Plan for Future

Estate Planning—A Plan for Future A rather popular belief is that only wealthy families need estate planning, but the reality is quite different. Any person over legal age should have estate planning in order to maximize the value of property left as an inheritance, no matter the monetary value of the property at the present […]

Estate Planning—A Plan for Future…Part 2

Estate Planning—A Plan for Future…Part 2 In the previous part of our blog, we had embarked on the journey to discovering what estate planning can do for you. In this blog, we continue to explore the benefits of estate planning. Read on to find out more. Planning for After Death 1 Contribute to your Spouse’s […]

24 Oct

Passive Investment Rules and Small Business Deduction

Budget 2018 Reduction of small business deduction (SBD) for CCPC’s that have significant passive investment income Theory appears to be a CCPC that has accumulated a material amount of passive investments ($1 million) is taking undue advantage of the tax deferral afforded by the small business deduction Will apply to tax years beginning after 2018 […]