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Your Money Your control- A win-win situation

Neither there are less books on managing money in the market nor there is a dearth of information available on internet but still Canadians are struggling with high debt, low savings rate and tough retirement. A question is that  how long we will keep thinking that Government money is sufficient for having a comfortable retirement? […]

What is Deferred Profit Sharing Plan

DEFERRED PROFIT SHARING PLAN (DPSP)  The DPSP is a plan which allows the employer to deduct contribution made for the benefits or its employees based on criteria specific to each plan. Maximum Contribution to a DPSP Employee:  No contribution allowed. Employer:  18% of the salary paid to the employee without                    Exceeding the DPSP contribution […]

What is Pooled Registered Pension Plan

POOLED REGISTERED PENSION PLAN (PRPP)  Pooled Registered Pension Plans are similar to money purchase registered pension plans, allowing employers and employees, or self-employed individual to make tax-deductible contributions to those plans. PRPP contributions made by an employer, an employee, or a self-employed individual in the year reduce the plan holder’s PRPP contributions of that year. […]

24 Oct

Passive Investment Rules and Small Business Deduction

Budget 2018 Reduction of small business deduction (SBD) for CCPC’s that have significant passive investment income Theory appears to be a CCPC that has accumulated a material amount of passive investments ($1 million) is taking undue advantage of the tax deferral afforded by the small business deduction Will apply to tax years beginning after 2018 […]