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So, you have all the documents ready for Super Visa but an insurance policy? Are you still unsure which plan to buy? Still confused with the maths of it all? Feels like you may not be able to shell out a large sum of money upfront? You could certainly use a Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan.

Life Care, as an independent Insurance and Financial consultancy, is happy to introduce you to the 21st Century Insurance, one among the two best Super Visa Insurance monthly plans. This sort offers the flexibility of payment through monthly installments rather than paying the entire premium amount upfront.

How this Monthly Plan Works

When you choose 21st Century Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payment Plan, all you need to pay upfront is the money amounting to 2 monthly premiums and $50 administration charges.

This payment is a secure deposit and is non-refundable in nature and covers the last 2 months of the coverage period. Once this payment is through, the policy will be issued in the name of the applicant, and the same will be confirmed via email. This confirmation can be used to apply for Super Visa.

Following the approval of Super Visa, one must convey to 21st Century Insurance, the exact date of the insured person’s arrival in Canada. This is will be the activation date of the policy. To effect this activation request, you will be liable to pay 21 Century 1 monthly premium for covering the first actual month starting from the insured person’s arrival in Canada.

It is important to know that in case the applicant is already in Canada at the time of applying for Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan, the policy will need to be activated immediately. The payment in this scenario will be 3 monthly premiums and $50 administration charges in order to cover the first as well as the last 2 months of the policy period.

In both the cases, monthly installments for premium will follow on the prescribed date of every month till the entire premium has been paid in full.

Here is a list of FAQs which will come in handy for you

  • Do I need to contact 21st Century Insurance for a monthly payment option?

It’s easier than that. You can know all about this Super visa Insurance Monthly Plan on Life Care website and buy it online from us. All you need to do is fill in our contact form and one of our expert Super Visa Insurance advisors will get in touch with you over the phone or email.

  • What information will I need to disclose before I can buy the plan?

Personal details like name, age, date of birth, Canadian address must be provided. The form will also ask you for their medical history as well as current health condition, especially in the case of a pre-existing medical condition. Apart from this, you will also be required to share your planned travel dates. You must also fill out the Per-Authorized Monthly Payment Form and submit valid Visa or MasterCard details for monthly installment payments.

  • What the upfront payment for a monthly plan?

2 months of the total annual premium amount + $50 administration charges (one time charge) is all that you need to pay upfront. For making these payments you must attach a valid credit card, preferably the same you will be using to pay the future premium installments. While the insurance company can wait on you till the dates of arrival are confirmed, in case the dates are already confirmed, the policy can become active immediately.

  • What sort of confirmation do I attach to my super visa application proving that the insurance has been issued by the insurance company?

You will be notified via email and your insurance agent will also duly notify you with a documented proof, verifying the purchase and the issue of the policy. This very document will be needed to be attached with your Super visa application.

  • When and how is a monthly plan activated?

As Life Care facilitates your purchase of 21st Century Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payment Plan, and your payment of 2 premiums and $50 service charge is through, the status of your policy will be shown as “pending” until you share the exact date of arrival of the insured in Canada. As soon as this information is received, the policy can be activated so that the insured will have medical cover as soon as they land in Canada.

  • What happens to my insurance in case my Super Visa is rejected? Can I claim cancellation and refund?

Certainly. In the case of Super Visa rejection, you can ask for cancellation as well as refund. Except for the $50 administration charges, your 2-month premium amount will also be refunded to your credit card in full.

  • If the insured leaves Canada before the policy expires, can I claim cancellation and refund on the Super Visa Insurance Monthly Payment Plan?

Yes. you will need to submit to us a copy of the boarding pass as on departure. With that as the valid proof of the departure of the ensured out of Canada, we can cancel the policy and refund the unused premium amount (if no claims have been made already). A service fee is levied on the same, depending on which plan you’ve bought. However, it usually amounts to not more than $25 in case of early departure cancellation.

  • What happens if the insured leaves Canada for a short visit to their native country?

 While the provisions of Super Visa does allow these kinds of visits home, the super Visa Insurance does not cover any medical expenses incurred by the insured in their homeland. The policy, however, will stay active in Canada and the monthly premium installments will be charged as usual. Nevertheless, you do have a choice of suspending the cover and reactivating it when you return to Canada. In case the return in certain, it’s best to leave the policy active in Canada.