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Buy the Best Super Visa Insurance in Mississauga

09 Mar

Buy the Best Super Visa Insurance in Mississauga


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    Buy the Best Super Visa Insurance in Mississauga

    Understanding the Super Visa Program Better before Buying Insurance

    • The end of the year 2011 witnessed the launch of the Super Visa program. It was launched under the family reunification program with the aim of clearing the backlog of visa applications from parents and grandparents of Canadian sponsors and speed up the approval rate. An immediate success that it was, the program still enjoys a higher success rate than that of Visitor to Canada visa program.
    • 10 years is the maximum period of time for which it allows the holder to stay in Canada. Upon the approval, the visa is valid for two years. Any stay beyond that warrants a renewal.

    What You Need for Super Visa for Mississauga

    • Caters only to parents and grandparents visiting a Canadian citizen/permanent resident sponsor.
    • There should be no legal/government order against the applicant, barring them from entering Canada.
    • To be able to sponsor parents/grandparents the sponsor must declare the minimum income as prescribed by the government of Canada.
    • Through a due declaration, the sponsor must promise to bear the expenses of the applicant during their stay in Canada.
    • The applicant must have a formal Letter of Invitation from the sponsor before submitting the application.
    • The applicant must have a Super Visa Insurance plan in Canada for a minimum cover of $100,00 for 1 year.

    Can You Get the Best Deal on Super Visa Insurance in Mississauga?

    • Yes, by all means. Our insurance quote calculator coupled with our expert licensed insurance agents, assure that you get the best Super Visa Insurance in Mississauga by letting you compare the best plans.
    • With Life Care, and its easy-to-use calculator, you can compare premiums, benefits, deductibles, eligibility criteria, cover, and exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, and cancellation & refund policy, etc., all right here at our website.

    How Much will Super Visa Insurance in Ottawa Cost You?

    • No matter which insurer you choose, make sure that the cover amount of the policy is minimum $100,000 and the period is 1 year.
    • You will come across all sorts of plans like basic, elite, comprehensive, platinum, etc. Premium, benefits, inclusions, exclusions, terms & conditions, etc., all of which vary according to factors like age, pre-existing medical conditions, etc.
    • Every plan, however lowly or highly priced, includes necessary benefits like health care, hospitalization, and repatriation as made compulsory by the Canadian government.
    • Given the fact that you will get different quotes from different insurance providers in Mississauga, it is important that you must read policy related documents in detail, especially in case the applicant suffers from a pre-existing medical condition. Make sure that you do read the inclusions & exclusions, the look back period, and other terms & conditions carefully. An impulsive decisions can lead to regrets later.

    What is a Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan?

    • As the name suggests, under a monthly plan you need not pay the entire premium amount upfront. Life Care facilitates monthly plans from two insurance providers in Mississauga—21st Century Travel Insurance and Travel Shield. With the help of our experienced licensed agents you can choose the best plan for yourself.
    • With a monthly plan available, paying the entire premium upfront is only an option, not a necessity. With these plans you will be able to pay the premium in monthly installments, thus taking some burden off your shoulders.
    • You are supposed to pay only the first two installments + administration charges (usually below $50) to get the policy issued. This payment is non-refundable in case of policy cancellation. The policy will become active as soon as the Super Visa holder lands in Canada.
    • The rest of the premium is to be paid over the next 10 months in equal monthly installments. If the insured stays for less than a year, the policy can be cancelled and the remaining installments refunded.


    • Life Care offers to facilitate the best of Super Visa Insurance in Mississauga and other cities and states in Canada. You can rely on our easy-to-use calculator and licensed agents to guide you towards buying a plan that is best for you.
    • Nevertheless, your research and discretion have a big role to play. If you consider the policy only a formality for procuring Super Visa, you are mistaken. Since it is going to cover the medical expenses of the insured, only an adequate policy will benefit them. Else, it is only a waste of money. So, read well about all the important factors like terms & conditions, inclusions & exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, the look back period, etc. Besides reading all the policy related documents carefully, do clear all the queries you have with a licensed agent. Our expert advisors are here to help you.


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