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What Do You Know about the Super Visa Insurance?

  • Are you headed to buy Super Visa insurance in Edmonton? Do you know enough about Super Visa Insurance? Well, if you do wish to get the best insurance, you must learn what exactly an ideal Super Visa Insurance offers to you and why you must buy the right plan.
  • Super Visa Insurance is a mandate for those are applying for or already have a Super Visa. It covers the medical expenses of the non-Canadian parents/grandparents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens while they are visiting Canada. It is very much like medical cover for Visitor to Canada but for those on Super Visa.
  • If you are already out to buy a Super Visa in Edmonton, ensure that it includes premium amount, benefits (primary and secondary, along with cancellation as well as refund policies.
  • Super Visa insurance is one of the prerequisites for Super Visa. If an applicant fails to procure a Super Visa Insurance policy with a minimum cover of $100,000 and a minimum period of a year, the Super Visa is due to get declined. So making sure that you get the right policy is of essence.
  • Understanding the Super Visa Program Better before Buying Insurance Super Visa is an initiative (launched on 4th November 2011) by the Canadian government under the family reunification program and aims to accelerate the visa approval process for the non-Canadian parents and grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents.
  • This temporary visa helps the holder stay up to 10 years in Canada. Super allows the holder to stay in Canada for up to 2 years in a go. At the end of 2 years, it can be renewed, thus the maximum stay for 10 years. It enjoys a higher approval rate than Visitor to Canada Visa.

What You Need for Super Visa for Edmonton?

  • You need to be a non-Canadian parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident in order to apply.
  • You should otherwise be barred by the government of Canada from entering Canada.
  • Your sponsor must be earning the minimum prescribed income to be able to support you.
  • The sponsor needs to submit a written declaration stating that they will support your expenses while you stay in Canada.
  • The sponsor must offer the letter of invitation to the applicant before applying for Super Visa.
  • The applicant must be insured with a Super Visa insurance policy with a minimum $100,000 cover for one year before applying for Super Visa.

Can You Get the Best Deal on Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton?

  • Yes, we can certainly help you get the best deal on Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton. Life Care insurance calculator helps you generate price quotes from various top insurers in Edmonton.
  • Our calculator fetches you up to 7 best price quotes that match your requirements, from different the best insurers in Edmonton. This enables you to compare premiums, benefits, deductible options, eligibility criteria for approval, Inclusions and exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation and refund rocessand policy, as well as the general terms and conditions.

How Much will Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton Cost You?

  • For the minimum requisite cover of $100,000 for 1 year, you will find different plans and price quotes from insurance providers in Edmonton. You can choose from basic, elite, comprehensive, and even platinum plans. The benefits, premium, inclusions, exclusions, and other terms and conditions vary from provider to provider.
  • Various factors like age, cover amount ( minimum $100,000), benefits, inclusions & exclusions for pre-existing conditions, etc., matter when it comes to the premium amount. Nonetheless, every provider is bound by the government of Canada to provide you basic benefits like health care, hospitalization, and repatriation in every policy .
  • Because of the difference in plans and prices, we can never overemphasize the fact that you should all the policy related documents before making a purchase.

What is a Super Visa Insurance Monthly Plan?

  • As the very name suggests, the monthly plan lets you pay in monthly installments. We offer Super Visa Insurance monthly plan from two reputed insurance providers—21st Century Travel Insurance and Travel Shield.
  • Instead of paying the Super Visa Insurance policy premium upfront for a year, we help you with a more convenient choice. With a monthly plan you do not have to pay a lump sum amount to buy the policy.
  • You will need to pay only the first two months’ premium plus administration cost (about $50), which are non refundable in case of cancellation, to get the policy issued. The rest of the premium is paid in 10 monthly installments. We attach one of our licensed advisors to you for helping you compare the two plans and buy the one that suits you best.
  • The policy starts with the initial payment and you can then apply for the Super visa. The cover starts as soon as the Super Visa holder arrives in the Canadian territory. If the insured decides to leave before the completion of a year, the rest of the installments are cancelled and refunded conveniently.
  • Indeed a very convenient way of payment for those who are unable to shell out a large sum at once.


  • There will be no dearth of choices when you head to buy Super Visa Insurance in Edmonton. Life Care helps you in not only procuring the most competitive quotes from the best of insurance providers in Edmonton, but also help you compare them Our licensed agents help you make an informed choice of the policy.
  • The power, however, lies with the buyer. Our best advice is that you read all related documents carefully and then make a decision, especially in case of pre-existing medical conditions. There are certain intricacies like, the inclusions and exclusions for pre-existing medical conditions, cancellation and refund terms & conditions, the look back period, etc., that you must keep in mind. Good research can lead you to better decisions; ignorance can lead to consequences like rejection of the Super Visa application.