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Yes, it’s time for the Canada Day yet again, and this year our beloved Canada turns 152 years old. Every year on July 1st, the Canadians display a great show of pride, and patriotism, celebrating its history and diversity which was created as a result of the unification of three British colonies of Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada in 1867 into the sovereign country of Canada as we know it today.

canada day

As the nation is all set to be all agog among the festivities of Canada Day, expect some excellent food, great fun, numerous festivals, some amazing fireworks, and lots and lots and lots of “Canucks” celebrating the day around you. And from how they celebrate it, expect them to show everything that makes Canada a great nation.

The cherry on the cake is that it’s a long weekend, so you will have lots to do. So, this time, we’re introducing you to 6 ways to celebrate the Fête du Canada like the Canadians do.

1. Celebrate Canada Day at Canada Place

If you want to witness what a truly Canadian celebration of Canada Day in Vancouver, this is it. It is Vancouver’s grandest celebration of Canada Day. It is held at the waterfront by Canada Place.

Wait, it is not just one event but a series in essence. It has in fact, won many an award for the kind of show that’s put up. Hosted at the Port of Vancouver, Canada Day celebration at Canada Place is the most majestic celebration that is held outside the national capital, Ottawa.

It essentially features musical performances, a galaxy of food trucks, a Citizenship Ceremony that welcomes new Canadians, and a picnic plaza, to name only a few. And lo and behold! The best part is yet to come—the fireworks, an amazing spectacle, that marks the closure and is awaited all year long by the Canadians of all ages.

2. The Gala at the Robson Street

A stroll down Robson Street, Vancouver, is oh-so-Canadian. July 1 sees the Robson Street sidewalks ornate with pleasing sights to see, music to set you dancing, the aroma of mouth-watering food, and all that you need to get entertained, apart from contests, and yes, giveaways from promotions.

The locals, along with visitors from outside Vancouver, throng the place in huge numbers. Everyone is the mood to enjoy and when you can go there for free and have as much funs as you want, why not?

3. Let the Fun Begin at Ontario Place

This one’s a big thing in Toronto. If outdoor fun and the smell of the sun is what you like for Canada Day, mark Ontario Place as your destination. This is the park where families love to come on Canada Day and have a gala time.

There are outdoor activities abound. Segway tours—check; kayaking—you got it; catch a movie at the Cinesphere—yes sir! And if you are interested in indigenous culture, there is the spectacular Wigwam Chi-Chemung, an installation that celebrates the indigenous culture in Canada.

4. Let the Salmon Feast in Steveston Lure You

Looking for a literal birthday party that offers lots to eat? The Salmon Feast in Stevenson is sure to win your heart. Stevenson is one of the most famous historic villages in Canada. This village in Richmond attracts up to 70,000 people from all around the country on Canada Day.

Well, let’s not be misled by the name; there is much more than salmon for celebration. The community hosts a number of things that will lure you whether you are a gourmand or a cultural enthusiast. You must look forward to events like the very-Canadian pancake breakfast, a not-so-Canadian Japanese cultural fair (for obvious reasons), an interesting parade, the awe-inspiring craft fair, some decent music concerts, and yes, the world-famous salmon barbecue that we look forward to every year more than anything else.

What is most interesting about the feast is that it’s being celebrated every year since 1945 (that’s a long time) and has never changed it’s time (6:30 am until 8:00 pm). What is even more interesting is that the entry is free and sumptuous barbecue salmon will cost you only $16.

5. The Redpath Waterfront Festival

From Vancouver to Toronto, waterfronts are the place to be. The Redpath Waterfront Festival at Toronto is ready this year to greet you with a fleet of 12 tall ships. While you are given free access to explore the CCGS Griffon and HMCS Oriole, you will certainly need a ticket in order to explore the decks of other ships on the waterfront.

This time, we’re also looking forward to a marketplace on the waterfront that is nautical-themed. So seafood, including calamari and lobster rolls, is what we’re expecting, apart from some very authentic handmade merchandise for sale.

6. Poutine! Poutine! Poutine!

Poutine is so typically Canadian that there is nothing more Canadian than the poutine. In case you didn’t know, poutine is, in fact, french fries made in a truly Canadian way. It’s french fries soaked in mouth-watering gravy, seasoned with cheese curds.

If you are here and haven’t tried poutine, check your passport, you may not be in Canada at all. You’ve got to try this one, and no better day than Canada Day to try it out. Allow yourself the luxury of ordering a steaming bowl of poutine and let your senses indulge in the melting taste of some crispy fries in succulent gravy and cheese curds.

You can find poutine in any part of Canada, but the good ole’ Canadians say that it’s the east part of the country that serves the best poutine. This means that you are likely to get the best poutine in Ontario as well as Quebec. But, don’t be afraid to try it elsewhere. Even one that’s not the best is pretty good.

Ready to celebrate Canada Day in a Canadian way as it gets? Do one of these things this year to get the true taste of Canada.