Term Funds

Term Funds                   

All investors are not same, they have unique situation, different and varied needs, risk tolerance, age , income and retirement needs. If safety is what you are looking for then just like GICs, Term Funds offered by insurance companies are secure and deliver predictable income.

Term Funds have additional features:
• Designate a beneficiary for non-registered and registered funds
• Beneficiaries receive the death benefit directly without probate fees (1)
• Death benefits are not subject to surrender charges, fees or Market Value Adjustments
• Potential for creditor protection(2)
• Pension income tax credits and, in some cases, the ability to split income based on provincial and federal tax rules

The flexibility of Term Funds allows you to meet your needs whether you are saving for retirement or are already retired and drawing an income from your savings.

1 Not applicable in Québec as notarial wills do not need to be probated by the court and, for holograph wills and wills made in the presence of witnesses, probate fees are minimal.

2 Since there are some circumstances where creditor protection may not apply, it is recommended that your clients consult a legal advisor to find out if they are eligible for this kind of protection.