Guaranteed Issue (Non-Medical) Critical Illness Insurance

Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness Insurance

 Guaranteed Issue Critical Illness plan is a boon for those people who can’t get a regular CI policy due to pre-existing medical conditions. These conditions make those individuals un-insurable. These plans are called non-medical plans because insurance company doesn’t ask any medical questions, blood test, urine test and no medical record is checked with the family doctor or specialist. In some cases there is a health declaration which an individual is required to be signed and policy gets issued with immediate effect.

When it comes to the critical illness, surviving could be very challenging as one has to take lots of financial burden but for some this is not a case because they are well prepared in advance. One can always guard him or herself from a catastrophic illness with a guaranteed issue critical illness which is a simple, accessible and affordable protection tool. Guaranteed issue Critical Illness policy will pay after 30 days following a diagnosis of specified critical illness like cancer, heart attack, stroke or coronary bypass or aortic surgery. Once the person gets diagnosed for any of the critical illnesses, lump sum benefit of quite a considerable amount is paid directly to the insurer. There will be less financial worries and the person will be able to focus on the important aspect that is the full and speedy recovery. The protection is very easy as no medical checking or questionnaire has to be filled up.